A seriously lovely round window affair..

In Palmers Green N13 there lived a lovely family with a desire to have a new set of windows.. It was not a pretty sight… …I had to design something special… there were two round windows to be made one on the outside and one to the inside door.. the inside one had to have a clear area to give it a good view from the hallway to the front door.. and we needed a number 86 . which would richly compliment our round windows.. I was extremely pleased with the way these turned out And so were they.. happy days.

Edwardian Windowing.. :)

This was what I was replacing.. For many years my clients had been thinking about making this a more authentic and pleasing frontdoor and side panel, that awful reeded glass had to go! The design was created and the glass was cut out.. Then put together using lead cames cut and bent to size. Then soldered at each joint.. Two panels were made one for the main window in door and the other a side panel to go beside it Finished and looking great…

Victorian splendid window... the process

A customer came to me and asked me to design a center piece to match the existing original panels in his door.. so I got to work on it straight away! As you can see the center panel needed matching to the very nice Victorian style of the door.. Firstly I had to design something splendid!! and then I cut out all of the pieces .. (note the bloodiness, hazards of the job and working with textured glass which tends to break in a jagged and unpredictable way) now to put it together …. As you can see each piece is numbered so that I can keep track of where my pieces go, and then it was soldered.. And cemented, and scrubbed and polished.. Yay it’s done.. I am very pleased with the way this turned o

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