Glass Beads, Buttons, Scrap Glass, Flower Cabochons, Plastic Flowers, Metal Beads, Thick Ply.. And a bit of imagination that goes a long way.. You too can do it… And for the leaves you need a glass cutter… and a lesson from me.. BOOK NOW Once you know the principles of how to mosaic, there will be no stopping you!! I never really knew where I was going with this until I actually got there…. That’s creativity .. That’s the best part of this…. A bit of everything.. Can look great !

WOK a great idea !!!

I didn’t throw away the wok in my cupboard that was too tired to be of any culinary use.. But I gave it a new lease of life LOOOOOOOK You will need Glass Scraps and this adhesive that I recommend as it works really well and never fails on me …. And this pair of Glass Tile Nippers A Diamond Glass Cutter & some Grozing Pliers and of course a redundant Wok…… And Tile Adhesive and Grout like these -both made by MAPEI… & Lasts forever if you keep the lid on…. I cut out some petals from some lovely yellow glass and drew leaves onto wok with Chalk. Then filled in with bits of glass.. Grouted and cleaned Really pleased with this……… Remember if you’d like to attend one of my Mosaic Classes book HER

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