Victorian splendid window... the process

A customer came to me and asked me to design a center piece to match the existing original panels in his door.. so I got to work on it straight away!

As you can see the center panel needed matching to the very nice Victorian style of the door..

Firstly I had to design something splendid!! and then I cut out all of the pieces .. (note the bloodiness, hazards of the job and working with textured glass which tends to break in a jagged and unpredictable way) now to put it together ….

As you can see each piece is numbered so that I can keep track of where my pieces go, and then it was soldered..

And cemented, and scrubbed and polished.. Yay it’s done..

I am very pleased with the way this turned out..

Job done.. and one more happy customer.. yayyyyyy !

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