Bee-utiful panels for the Esworthy House 🐝🏠

Our daughter and her husband have a fabulous little Victorian cottage and their new bathroom door was in need of some Stained Glass.. Here’s how it progressed Hannah painted some wonderful bees and we fused them in the kiln.. How cute are these !... Then we both cut out the pieces.. (I have trained her well.. ;) ) Here they are after leading and soldering .. Looking great already. Cementing and cleaning these took a while as there was a lot of textured glass... BUT HEY, LOOK AT THESE BEAUTIES !! JOB DONE !!!! BEE-UTIFUL

A beautiful collaboration

My fabulously talented creative daughter and I designed something special for her new bathroom that has a leafy and succulent theme. We spent some time choosing the right colours and textures of glass and began by cutting the pieces out.. We foiled each piece and solder tacked the pieces together . After the pieces were soldered together, Hannah wanted a copper effect finish so we used a Copper Bright solution and painted it on to the newly soldered panel.. What a fabulous finish ! Looking amazing .. Well Done Us !!!! Commissions Taken Please Ask !!!!

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