Learn Something New!! Classes for 2015

The new studio room is complete!..

And I am super happy with it.

It was an idea I had to use a small room downstairs in our house, for those cold and dark nights, and for doing small projects, and of course for teaching.

I have a studio in the garden too, which I need for my window commissions it’s a great space for classes and for the mucky work, no fancy wallpaper, or bespoke lighting, or large TV, but it’s wonderful for the Summer months, and plus my chicken coop is right near it, so they keep me company along with my dogs..

All of my classes are small and very informal, I take great pride in making your day something that is not only full of hands on creative joy but also lots of fun, with plenty of chat and tea..

I am passionate about passing on my skills and encouraging my pupils to take up this lovely hobby, and to invent and develop their knowledge into personal style and design, I too started with classes, not really knowing to expect, but 20 years later have enjoyed what went from experimenting ideas on my kitchen table to something I cannot imagine life without, with years of creative rewards and the expansion from hobbyist to professional glass artist, which is amazing.

Please don’t just think about it ‘DO IT’ sign up now and enhance your life with a wonderful new talent, book here now.

Call me on 07810150040 for any queries, or if you would like one-to-one tuition.

I look forward to seeing you all …

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