Ian & Leena .. Bob & Lauren .. My Dynamic Foursome

Husband and wife Ian & Leena, father and daughter Bob & Lauren came for a beginners one day course.. I’m suprised we got so much done , what with all the chatting and four thousand cups of tea… Here’s how they got on Firstly they practiced with clear float glass, none of them had ever cut glass before which is usual for most people who attend. Then onto the serious glass… this is a nice part where you get to choose your favourite colour combinations Moving on swiftly.. people who attend say it’s quite a tiring day as much concentration is needed.. but we have a great time with lots of liquid refreshments, and an hour long lunch break to recharge your batteries.. Voila…. every one’s a winner.

Three Guys… Russell Andrew & Paul

Another great day with three great guys …………Russell Andrew & Paul !! All new to this but so so great at picking up this skill.. This was a particularly enjoyable day.. They did really well cutting and selecting the glass for each of their panels..They did really well cutting and selecting the glass for each of their panels.. All cut and ready to lead… Now for the soldering…. How lovely do these look !! ?? Fabulous results…. Well done guys… you were such great fun x

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