Getting Started with Stained Glass

So you have decided that you would like to try your hand at learning how to do Stained Glass Art? But what exactly will this cost you to set yourself up, and how much space will you need?

Of course as is the case with any new hobby you will have to invest some money for those materials and specialised tools, but these aren’t too expensive and should really last you many years if not a lifetime. A good way to purchase your items is via the internet’s mail order, unless of course you are lucky enough to have a specialist suppliers in your town.

For starters you will need a glass cutter and cutting oil, a cutting square, grozing pliers, carborundum stone, solder, tallow sticks, tip cleaner, liquid flux, lead knife, lead vice, copper foil, horse shoe nails, lead light cement, fid, safety goggles, fire grate blackener, lead cames, and probably your biggest investment, a soldering iron (75w or ideally an 100w ) plus a stand.

I have highlighted the things in Red which are your main items needed , the Green items are added if you want to work with lead to make leaded panels, and the Blue you would add for copper foiled decorative items.. All in all I would estimate the cost to be around £150-200 + £20 or £80 for starters plus of course the price of glass, which is open to taste and size of project.

If you decide to start by learning to make panels involving lead came, as are the traditional lead lights found in period properties you will need a work bench, as this involves a more complex process, but small decorative light catchers that use the copper-foil method can be done on your kitchen table..

Don’t forget to go to my ‘Classes’ page for updates on my courses, where you can book your great start to learning the art of Stained Glass..
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