Repairing & Resizing

Sometimes I am asked to repair or resize a lead light window, and part of my expertise lies in the decision I have to make regarding whether it’s a worthy cause financially or if the work involved isn’t too over ambitious for the sake of preservation. Often it is less work to rebuild than to repair, and with the best will the cost can far exceed the effort.

Repairs can be done on site without having to remove the window but it’s always better to remove the window and work with it on the workbench.

Matching old glass with new is sometimes a difficult one, but there are very good likenesses in colour and textures which if done professionally will look and seem authentic, this is again something that I pride myself on when I design and make your windows, I am passionate about making it look as if it has always been there by choosing the right colours and textures to suit the period of your property.

Customers call me and ask if I think a Stained Glass panel is good sandwiched inside a sealed unit, but I’m not too happy to recommend this for a few reasons, *The unit can loose their seal and develop condensation issues, *Residue can become highly visible on glass from putty or cement and you can never get to it to clean it, *Heat build up inside the unit can distort the panel, *The reflective glare from the glass covering is a big detraction from the naked splendour of the colours and textures in your window, and another really important one is that *You won’t be able to take it with you should you wish to, or fix it should it get damaged..

When I do a repair or remake I am trying to conceal the fact that it is fixed or remade, I want it to look original and authentic.

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