My fine art student … Sarah…

Sarah came with her wonderful design

She is a third year student studying Fine Art at Chelsea School of Art.

She was very excited at the prospect of making her ideas become a reality in glass, and had always wanted to learn ..

First we made a print of our template and Sarah set about choosing some colours and glass…. haha…

It was a rather complex project but we had lots of fun…

We had a conundrum as to how we could make the lettering look good.. we only had one day to complete it so after much deliberation we decided to engrave her text…

I pretty much left her to it….

And she soon emerged with a big smile….. job well done!!

Putting it together….

She worked very hard… And we went way past going home time… 3 hours more than expected…

But we didn’t care…

Because it looked so good !!!

Yay….. That was worth it…..

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