A Beautiful Heart… ‘A chip off the old glass’

All three of our children have been brought up learning from a very young age how to dodge the trail of glass splinters that I as their mum left just about everywhere, I have always delighted in enhancing their creative skills and they have been indulged in all sorts of handicrafts which involved not only them but their friends too, we had lots of ‘Arts & Crafts’ birthday parties and I even ran an after school club at the school they all attended.

Today I got so excited when Hannah our daughter wanted to make something in my studio, because she is such a talented and creative person who never takes too long to learn anything at all, and always comes up with something fabulous...

First we practised with clear glass

I did it !!

Foiled & Soldered.

Now comes the creative bit

And the fiddly but fun bit

Now comes the very proud mummy bit

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