New Mosaic Classes .. Learn something new !!

I am super excited right now !!!

I have decided to open up a few beginner ‘Glass Mosaic Classes’ for all those who would like to make some fab things for your home using scrap glass..

Of course once you know the basics you can make mosaics out of just about everything.. on just about everything !

I am going to concentrate on glass mosaics because in my class you will learn how to cut glass, and design something nice on a piece of mirror or a votive, and it will be very very rewarding.

Here’s one I made today !

So I bought a large glass thingy from my local charity shop it cost me £3

I decided to use silicone as my adhesive as it dries clear and quickly, it can be messy but if you are careful it’s pretty good stuff.

I made some teeny little glass coloured squares out of scraps.. its easy .. I will teach you ..

And stuck them on in a cute star pattern..

I kept going till it was complete I also used some mirror…

I grouted it after about 1 hour..

Because it is a glass mosaic it comes alive with a candle inside it…

If you like what you see… BOOK NOW here ..


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