Ofira and her mummy Ruth <3

Ruth called me asking me if I could teach her nine year old daughter Ofira as a Birthday treat, as Ofira had expressed an interest after they had attended a Craft Show where someone was demonstrating it and she loved what she saw..

So today they came along together, Ofira is the youngest pupil I have had here for Stained Glass Courses and i was rather excited to meet such an enthusiastic and wonderful girl..

Ofira started off by making a lovely rabbit… a rather special rabbit with one pink ear !!!

And was absolutely brilliant at it..

Her mummy in the meantime was making something too… And she was also brilliant !!

We had a very productive day and I got to spend it with a lovely lady and her beautiful daughter

Age has no boundaries when there’s a keen interest and a talent for creativity, as I witnessed today …..and I really hope they come back again..

Little Star !! Love her <3

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