Stained Glass Foiling Classes 🤗

Foiling is a great method for you all to have a go at, you can make some lovely decorative pieces and this is how some of the more intricate things are made and you can learn to do it here at my Studio with the click of a "book now" button 

Here you can see the pattern we drew of an owl that Agnes wanted to make .. 

Once the shapes are cut out you have to wash each piece and dry them thoroughly then you wrap some copper foil tape around the edges of each bit and then you are able to solder them together.. 😊

Why not have a go!! 

Go to the CLASSES page and book a great day for yourself and perhaps a friend too! 

Foiling is great because you can do this on your kitchen table and once you've been to one of my classes I guarantee that you will be able to do this as a hobby afterwards 


see you soon 😎

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